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The Moorclose Silver Screen

South Workington will soon be able to watch the latest movies at the new Moorclose cinema!

Film Reel Moorclose Community Centre Cinema

The Centre have invested £40,000 in a State-of -the-art projection and sound system which will complement the existing facilities of the 215 capacity theatre, as well as showing films the theatre will also be hosting a variety of live entertainment shows for the foreseeable future

The Cinema will be showing a full range of movies as well as the latest blockbusters catering for audiences of all ages, patrons will also be able to treat themselves to pop corn and and drinks from our refurbished theatre cafe.

Speaking about the plans the Chairman Mrs Betty Armstrong said: 
"this is really exiting time for the Community Centre, everyone loves a cinema and we want to show a full range of films night or day, so that as many people will be able to come along as possible. This is all part of the Centre's aim to open to more people and we continue to be at the heart of the community. I cant wait for the doors to open on the first night."